Extrovert Uni-sex Aesthetics, Beauty & Nail Salon - Botox, Fillers etc
Extrovert Uni-sex Aesthetics, Beauty & Nail Salon  - 47C Dylan, Bryn, Llanelli SA149AN

Botox & Fillers

All treatments are carried out by a fully qualified medical practitioner. 

We offer Facial and Lip Fillers along with Botox

Please email for further booking details

•Beware of those advertising special offers and time limited price discounting or deals. Reputable doctors will not try and entice you with "money off" incentives.

•Go to someone on recommendation (either via a friend or your family) and check their qualifications and experience. You are putting your face in their hands!

•Make sure you have a direct face to face consultation with the prescriber managing the treatment.

•Do not go abroad for any cosmetic treatments unless you are comfortable with the arrangements for follow up and the management of any problems which might arise

Prices Start at £150 please call or email for more information

Initial consultations are free of charge
Major credit cards accepted

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