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We are very proud to be the first Welsh salon to launch CryoSkin! Brand new to the industry, this is the most exciting treatment I have ever seen! CryoSkin is an amazing combination of cryotherapy (an ice ball) and plant stem cell technology.

What are the Benefits of Plant Stem Cells?
  • Protect longevity of skin stem cell
  • Delay biological ageing of essential cells
  • Preserve the youthful look and vitality of the skin
  • Promote skin’s ability to regenerate

Health and Youth Stem cells have been a topic of research and advancement in the past decade. Recently scientists have found a way to gain health benefits of stem cells, by harvesting them from plants and fruit instead of human tissue. Plant stem cells show remarkable promises and they’re proving themselves to be powerful skin healers.Stem cells are full of potential. They have the ability to develop into various types of cells and can repair and replace damaged cells.
The reason scientists are so excited about the use of stem cells is that so many diseases and disorders involve cell damage and death.

First-Aid For The Skin
Stem cells are great for treating skin problems such as wrinkles. The skin contains stem cells. In the basal layer of the epidermis (the deepest layer of the outer surface of the skin), stem cells divide and replace lost or dying cells. The epidermis is in constant state of renewal, so it requires non-stop cell replacement. It is essential that we optimize epidermal stem cell population throughout our lives as we age.
As our skin faces daily assaults such as toxins, exposure to sun and cold weather, we overwhelm the epidermal stem cells. The stem cells might not be able to keep up with demand of cellular turnover, resulting in an excess of damaged cells and aged and damaged skin.

Nature At its Best!
Researchers have begun looking to plants as a source for stem cells and the plant stem cells have proven to be effective in supporting the skins cellular turnover. Plant stem cells develop according to their environment, Plant stem cells in skin care came from an unusual source, an almost extinct apple tree in Switzerland.The fruits long-lasting freshness was its ability to heal itself! When an apple was scratched while still on the tree, the skin would quickly regenerate and close the wound!

Basically this treatment is a no needle, no pain, no burn and no nasty chemicals! A treatment takes approx 40 minutes. You will have a pink glow to your skin and should immediately see a difference in the condition of the skin. Lines should be softer, skin plumped, tighter and toned. Plus as the stem cells get to work the results keep improving!
If you have a special night out planned a one off treatment is great to give you a more youthful look. However for maximum benefit we recommend a course of 6 treatments, one per week.

You can treat the top of the hands, face or décolletage.
One off treatment cost is £35 A course of 6 is discounted to £175
You can also have a double course of treatments incorporating the face and décolletage for £250
My initial treatment results are amazing!
These pictures are from my first few trreatments, more pictures will be added soon

This is a before and after the 2nd treatment.  Plus it will get better as the stem cells get to work!

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