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You'll see dramatic results in one stroke so there's no need for false lashes or curling irons. Lasts until you want it to and easily removed.
This Amazing Mascara is just £13!! Stocks move fast so be quick
Available in salon only

We now have the new fibregenics mascara £15 & Lip Voltage £16 in stock

Product Reviews
One of our recent reviews - Thanks Georgina O'Brien!
'If you love sports, then is THE ONE for you. Last year I participated in the 6 peak challenge with 10 other girls.As an avid user of Dreamweave I passed on a mascara to each girl. They were boggled by it. We all loved the fact that it coated our lashes lavishly, stayed on under all weather conditions (and I mean all),but most of all washed off easily. There were no black streaks, no clumps, no runny eyes.
So , if any you are going camping, swimming, walking, running, in fact anything - take this fantastic, must have product with you.
What some customers say about DreamWeave Mascara!

'' I'm always up for trying new mascaras, especially due to having short, straight Asian lashes...I tried Dreamweave hoping I would get the Wow factor and it didn't disappoint''

''I...ts amazing! I was really impressed!''

'' The wand is just the right thickness for me… it never clogs or smudges. My lashes stay soft and glossy all day, not crispy or clumped. The mascara gives great definition but not an OTT false lash effect. My lashes are pathetic naturally… white blonde, super fine, not very long. This makes them look lush, thick and long… for me at least!''
''When I found and tested this mascara myself I thought - yes, this is the mascara that my customers will love!'' Beauty & Wellbeing.
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