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Medik8 Chemical & Enzyme Peels

Medik8 superficial peels are one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed to rejuvenate and revitalise the appearance of the skin.
With little or no downtime, Medik8 chemical and enzyme peels offer a virtually risk-free, results-driven therapy for a wide array of skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scaring, hyperpigmentation, dry or flaky skin and many more.

Enzyme Peel
Great for Dull complexions with an uneven skin texture

What is it?
An extremely mild form of peel that can be used on all skin types. Enzyme peels can lead to cosmetic improvement when repeatedly performed.
They provide a fresher appearance to the skin.

How deep does it peel?
Superficial, the stratum corneum.

Suitable for a client …
· With sensitive skin
· Who wants no down time or visible peeling.
· Is prepared for a tingle sensation
· Wants a natural alternative to chemical peels

Cost — £50 or a course of 6 for £240
Frequency — Weekly
Medik8 Chemical Peels 

A restorative peel that renews damaged skin with little downtime and visible results within days. The synergistic effects of their ingredients provide corrective and nutritive benefits, while exfoliating the surface of the skin to help minimise fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation marks or reduce acne.
 Visible results — For all skin types — Minimum downtime
— Mild skin peeling 
Research has shown that the topical use of Vitamin C Vitamin A and Epidermal Growth Factor prior to and throughout the treatment can maximise the results of this skin rejuvenation procedure.Your therapist will determine the most effective products to your individual skin type/needs 
Post treatment you can expect a mild redness (like sunburn) and for the skin to feel dry initially.
Downtime is upto 24hrs
Effect — mild peeling
Costs — £85 per treatment or a course of 6 for £375
Frequency — 1 — 2 weeks apart   

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