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 Gel Polish from Extrovert

A non chipping polish that lasts, leaving your nails beautifully polished and shiney.
I have beautiful range of approx 150 colours & 200 Glitters to choose from, with treatments available from £20 - £25

I use several brands including Gelish, Gel2, Nail artists, Akzentz plus more. All are excellent products enabling my clients to go 3 weeks between appointments.

We can give you a natural, subtle look or wild nail art that lasts.

This one has been on for approx 4 weeks!


Extrovert were one of the first salons in the country to offer MINX.
 I have now been providing this treatment for over 10years enabling me to be highly experienced in the application ensuring you a longer lasting, and beautifully applied product. Many salons offer 'minx' but in fact use cheaper alternatives.
We are one of only a handfull of salons that are Minx USA approved in the UK
Regularly seen on many Celebs including
  • Beyonce
  • Lady Gaga
  • Rhianna
  • Fergie
  • Pixie Lott
  • Victoria Beckham just to name a few
Minx is a specially designed vinyl covering which is heated gently and carefully applied to the natural nail (can also be applied to enhancements)
Once applied you can excpect your minx to last on your toe-nails for on average 6 weeks & approx 7 days on the hands
Minx Preparation & Application is £25
At Extrovert we endeavour to bring you a wide choice and at present we have over 75 different designs and colours!!!
This set of toes is Swarovski Crystal set in Gel Polish on large toe then silver lightening minx, This costs £35.
Nail Extensions
We are pleased to offer high quality products from Nail Artists and CJP and will never use products containing MMA.
Nail Extensions prices start at £35 for natural or white tip and overlay nails.
Pink and Whites are £38 and are sculpted not over tips.
We offer a range of finishes from full glitter to hand painted flowers, 3d nail art to Sculptured French designs.

During a Sculpted french with extended nail bed

And finished with hand painted bow and swarovski crystal
A full set of these would be £40 inc art work £38 without
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